Nature TecCaps and Terracaps organic coffee capsules made from ARBOBLEND® is revolutionising the coffee industry and creating an example for innovation and sustainability.

Ilsfeld, 11.10.2018.

Would you like a coffee? Sure! How often do we have a conversation like this in a day? Three times, maybe more? Coffee is the world’s most important commodity after oil. In the last decade, we have been increasingly offered more coffee made from capsules, that have established and created a serious waste issue around the globe.

While consumption in the retail food industry (including online retailing) initially amounted to 800 tonnes per year, it has increased to more than twenty-fold to date which is around 18,000 tonnes (source: Deutscher Kaffeeverband). The processing of the capsules requires a good 4,000 tonnes of aluminum – a metal that never rots. Industry attempts to solve the issue by setting up strategic business collaborations and encouraging consumers to return the used capsules have not been successful.

So how can we solve this increasing waste issue without returning to the coffee filter? How about keeping the capsule but instead of being made from aluminum or petroleum-based plastics, use a solution that’s 100% biodegradable.

Coffee capsules made from ARBOBLEND® are doing just that. The components of the bio-material ARBOBLEND®, similar to coffee itself, are made of renewable raw materials, which are regenerated by photosynthesis. You won’t see or taste any difference to the old capsules. They look the same externally and the coffee flavor is fully preserved. The only difference is no more bitter aftertaste because the new organic coffee capsules consist of climate-neutral, renewable raw materials and are fully compostable after you enjoyed your coffee.

The organic capsules and their contents serve as food for hungry microorganisms and are completely metabolized in the CO2 cycle.  There are currently two organic capsule producers – Terracaps and NatureTecCaps – pursuing different production philosophies but complementing each other in the market. While the pioneer NatureTecCaps has been producing their crastan???? coffee capsules from ARBOBLEND® since 2013, Terracaps has just launched another organic coffee capsule, which due to its unique properties is seen as quite a sensation amongst industry experts.

ARBOBLEND® Terracaps is the world’s first and only true oxygen-tight and biodegradable coffee capsule. It is characterized by a particularly high oxygen barrier – much higher than the plastic capsules. This means Terracaps have a very long shelf life and can be easily stored in a paper package without further protective film.

Make a statement to your consumers one coffee at a time, because there is no reasonable argument out there against using organic coffee capsules – quite the contrary in fact.  If you’re ready to make a change, please contact us.