1% vs 99%

Currently the use of bioplastics generally is dearer than fossil-based polymers. At the same time, oil resources are dwindling and are becoming less accessible. Their extraction will become more expensive while the bioplastics market has been growing with double digits, resulting in lower pricing due to higher mass production.

The plastics industry will reach a turning point, where the production will be done with biopolymers, reinforcing the opportunity to reverse the damage done to our environment with a massive commercial opportunity: A substitution of all fossil-based plastics would result in a market turnover of 250 million tonnes annually.

Biolastics aims to accelerate this turning point. To really help kickstart the transformation, we need to go way beyond the sales and distribution of biopolymers, as many stakeholders in the end-to-end process are impacted.

It is also important to note that Tecnaro has been focussing on developing recipes, such as the TPU-replacement range, which are a 1-on-1 replacement of the petro-chemical equivalent, requiring no to very little adjustment of manufacture machinery, which makes this material very competitive in pricing.