We repair nature.

Oil-based plastics are bad – bad for the environment and bad for you. We all know this, but still seem to turn a blind eye to it.

Good news is: there are alternatives in the form of bioplastics that are emerging on the market.  Most people simply have not heard of them or generally don´t think about it all too much. This is where Biolastics comes in.

We repair nature by transforming today’s petrochemical plastics industry – the biggest polluter of them all – into a sustainable and environmentally friendly domain.

We are here to help with the if, what and how to replace any current oil-based plastic product with an equal bioplastic alternative and / or assist you in designing any new plastic product using bioplastics.

You name it, we help you make it.

Anet Redmer B Arch (hons), B Des, MME

Designnovator and Wizard of Making It Happen

Anet helps organizations to design new products and services. Her approach bridges business strategy, user needs and design, embracing the lean startup method, design thinking and user experience design. Anet’s background lays in digital media, product design and architecture. Her clients range from multi nationals and universities to start-ups and inventors.
Anet is very passionate about the environment and wants to replace all conventional plastics with ‘healthy’ polymers. She has been working with our key partner Tecnaro since 2012.

Ronny Matzat M Arch, Financial Adviser

Creative Superhero

Ronny was born in former East Germany and describes himself as a world citizen and creative superhero. Growing up where “sustainability” was a necessity to survive, he developed a broad skill set and a very creative mind. Building and product designer, educator, sustainability advocate, businessman, photographer – Ronny is wearing many hats (literally). He operates in a world that functions in wholes, one that considers the environment, people and the bigger picture.

At the core of Ronny’s work is a passion for innovation and design which puts people at the centre of the picture. No matter which project or discipline he is currently lending his drive and vision, he is doing it with the heart to make this planet a better place.

His aspiration to understand and balance the needs and wants of clients is a welcome challenge to the creativity he brings to any project. His design projects have won awards in innovation and sustainable design, unveiling him as an emerging talent in the industry.