We import our bioplastics from Tecnaro, a globally renowned and highly ethical bio-polymer manufacturer based in Germany. They are pioneers of plastics-processing technologies for the industrial use of renewable raw materials with a proven track record of product development and application in various industries for more than 30 years.

Tecnaro is a true trailblazer with its renown and awarded bioplastics categories Arboform®, Arboblend® and Arbofill®. The company produces production-ready biopolymer granulates made of different raw materials, such as matrix polymers from preferably lignin but also sugars, plant oils, starches, functional additives as well as padding and reinforcing materials such as natural fibres.

Tecnaro was founded in 1998 in Germany as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer institute with the aim to develop, produce and commercialise sustainable materials within the polymer sector. Over the past 20 years Tecnaro has researched and developed more than 4,500 biopolymer recipes which have been applied cross-industry to many different production processes. The company has a production capacity of 10,000 tonnes annually, exporting all over the globe to customers as diverse as the plastic industry. Volkswagen Group, Gucci and Tupperware are just a few clients.

The worldwide success of Tecnaro’s bio-compounds is anchored in the high quality and versatility in relation to the sustainable product life cycle. We are big fans of Tecnaro!

Material Solutions

Tecnaro’s material solutions offer a wide range of technical properties and appearance. Their biodegradability or bio-resistance can be adapted to the intended product application.
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Innovation & Awards

The use of the timber derivate lignin, which usually is treated as waste material within the pulp industry, shows the innovative introduction of utilising by-products for high-quality bioplastics.
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Tecnaro has worked with big and small customers in numerous industries, many projects have lead to ground-breaking innovation.
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Material Solutions

All of Tecnaro’s materials have one thing in common – they are made from renewable raw materials only. The three biopolymer categories we supply are:



Based on lignin and also known as “Liquid Wood”.
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Made of blends of different bio-polymers.
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A composite range combining biopolymers with common polymers.
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Innovation & Awards

Tecnaro’s materials are highly regarded and have been recognised with numerous awards around the globe. To name the most relevant recognitions:


  • 2016 – Best New Product award with ajaa! bread box at Biofach Messe
  • 2015 – GREEN BRANDS Germany mit Stern at Hannover Messe
  • 2015 – 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree & 2015 Best of Innovation Winner for Audioquest Nighthawk headphones
  • 2013 – GREEN BRANDS Germany 2013/2014 at Hannover Messe
  • 2013 – Best New Product with ajaa! food containers at BioFach
  • 2011 – Rudolf-Diesel-Medaille / German Institute for Inventions
  • 2010 – European Inventor Award
  • 2009 – German Industrial Award
  • 2007 – VR Innovationspreis Mittelstand
  • 2002 – Material ConneXion, New York
  • 2000 – Euromould Gold Award


Some of Tecnaro’s long-term clients and partners are: