Aiming towards a closed CO2 cycle


Bioplastics are polymers made from renewable raw materials and/or biodegradable material.


Renewable raw materials are made of biomass, disrupting the carbon cycle on which our current global consumption is mostly based on. The carbon cycle is a process that takes several millions of years for biomass to turn into usable fossil resources – time that is naturally not available taking today’s massive rate of consumption into account.

The use of renewable raw materials is an essential alternative to maintain the supply of raw materials whilst oil reserves and similar fossil resources are dwindling and its extraction becomes dearer and dearer.

Transforming our material solutions into products enable closed CO2 cycles and the conserving fossil resources as well as the environment around it. Our materials utilise nature’s potential for synthesis whilst improving end-of-life options that are recyclable, convertible into (bio) energy and/or biodegradable.

Renewable raw materials used to produce biomaterials absorb COduring their growth phase and bind it beyond their use phase. When the products biodegrade or are converted into energy at the end of their life cycle only as much CO2 is released as the plants absorbed beforehand. The aim is a closed CO2 cycle.

The materials developed, produced and sold by Tecnaro do without fossil raw materials in contrast to conventional plastics. Finite resources are conserved as a result.

Many biomaterials offer the additional quality of biodegradability. Our materials are recyclable and are carbon-neutral which means that they can be converted into energy at the end of their life cycle saving on a corresponding amount of fossil energy sources.



Material properties

Material solutions can be adapted to be biodegradable or to be resistant to micro-organisms and hydrolysis.

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Due to their versatile plasticity, our materials can be processed within a plastics manufacture.

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From pencils to facade systems, our materials can be applied to any industry.

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Material properties

A large number of requirements and application conditions are covered by TECNARO’s extensive range of available materials. Standard plastics such as ABS, PE, PP, PS and technical plastics such as polyamides (PA6, PA6.6, PA12) have already been successfully substituted.

Depending on your product’s life cycle and eco system we can work with you to establish whether a biodegradable material is advantageous in your case. Feel free to contact us about ordering material, getting further advice (e.g. technical data sheets) or regarding any other questions about our compounds.



ARBOBLEND®, ARBOFILL® & ARBOFORM® materials are designed and optimised for industrial plastics processing. Besides materials compatible with injection moulding, there are also materials available for sheet and profile extrusion and thermoforming. You can also find material types for extrusion blow moulding, film blowing, melt spinning and several of our materials deliver excellent result with 3D printing. In addition, the development of materials based on renewable resources which are compatible with melt spinning is becoming increasingly important and is a focus point of innovation with the Tecnaro team.


Construction – Landscaping – Agriculture

The lifespan of the materials used is particularly important in this area. Products are exposed to the weather and other environmental influences over many years. It may be of benefit for many applications in the landscaping and agricultural sector if the products biodegrade over time. We offer suitable materials for both scenarios.

Toys – Sport and leisure

Because we deliberately avoid using any harmful substances, our materials are regularly below the action limits in current tests set by the toy industry (food safety, migration testing in accordance with EN 71-3). As a result, the materials are being used even in toys and great products within sport and leisure. Contact us and we will be happy to discuss options with you.

Technical parts

Using new raw materials for the plastics industry in specially customised formulas produces new and interesting property profiles. As a result, new applications are opening up in the technical field through to safety-related components in the automotive industry. We will be happy to support you with our many years of experience in material development and assist you with our own application engineers, if required. Contact us with your request.

Household items

Products that come into contact with food are subject to special, strict regulations. Our materials do not contain any SVHC (substances of very high concern). They also show what they are made of when used. Dishwasher tests (industrial dishwasher 95°C) and chemical resistance tests are also passed with flying colours. Contact us to select the right material for your product.


Natural materials at home do not just stand for modern and ecological design but mainly for a feel-good atmosphere. The classic material of grown wood is pushed to its limits mainly due to technical and economic reasons. That’s where we can offer a logical addition – materials based on renewable resources that are industrially processed just like plastic. An attractive look, pleasant feel and materials that can be joined with wood glue. Contact us for more information.

Stationery items

With stationery and office supplies, a pleasant feel and an attractive, individual design are important criteria besides the technical qualities. In our range of materials there are different looks from root wood to fibre look and high-gloss surfaces in brilliant colours. Contact us to find out more.

Musical instruments

Wooden instruments are still the measure of all things in the musical instruments industry. Our materials offer alternatives, even for woods that are becoming scarce. Due to the possibility of instantly, reproducibly and accurately moulding the material into the desired shape, the result is less cut-offs and waste by comparison and certified domestic woods are used. The acoustic properties have already convinced many a thoroughbred musician. Contact us and we will be happy to assist you in selecting the right material.

Clothing industry

There is hardly any other industry where modern and individual design is more important than the clothing industry. The fast pace of this application field is contrasted by the increasing focus on sustainability. Whether it’s textiles, clothes hangers or heels for high-end designer shoes: the special look, that the our materials offer, really comes into its own and provide a unique selling point.

Would you like to use our materials in your design? Contact us.


Packaging shouldn’t just protect the packaged goods but should also present the contents as best as possible. Sustainable packaging solutions are gaining ground and provide the option of specifically appealing to environmentally conscious customer groups.

If you like, you can choose a “natural” look, for example by using visible natural fibres so that the material’s special quality is instantly apparent. However, special barrier properties and materials that are suitable for contact with food can also be found in our range. We will be happy to advise you on selecting the right material.