Non-toxic 3D Print Filament

3D printing, globally and in Australia, is growing fast and steady and with it the challenge of dealing with toxic plastic waste and pollution from fumes created in the print process. With our 3D Cobra filaments, we totally eliminate toxic fumes and waste so you can be sure your work hub, classroom or home office remains a healthy place.

In fact, our products contribute to a rather cosy interior feeling since our bioplastic filaments smell like “burned wood” according to the feedback we received from our first local customers. Our filaments are 100% biodegradable and made from renewable raw-materials only. When thrown into landfill or soil it will ultimately break down and cause no harm to the environment. On top, our 3D cobra filaments offer new design possibilities due to outstanding technical features, providing a higher resistance against stress and pressure.



Currently we import our filament from Germany offering two thicknesses (1.75mm & 2.85mm) in a range of colours and textures. After finalising our first round of product tests in Australia, we are currently working on setting up a small-scale production in collaboration with a social enterprise in the Greater Brisbane area.

We are committed to prevent people, and especially kids and teenagers, from inhaling toxins resulting from 3D printing. Therefore our long-term goal with 3D Cobra is to use our local case studies and user experience in order to assist in the necessary update and change of current regulations and laws around the level of fumes and toxins in interior settings resulting from 3D printing. By offering bio-based and biodegradable 3D print filament solutions to the market, we help to create more awareness on the topic and achieve healthier interior room climates especially in educational institutions and office spaces.


100% biodegradable (according to DIN EN ISO 14855) Made from renewable raw materials

Odor-free, food-safe and FDA approved

Ease of printing due to very good printing and flow properties / Extraordinary processing properties

Mechanically and thermally comparable to PLA

High visual quality in general – products are available in various colours and grades of textures (natural to smooth / silk aesthetics)

Depending on application and individual design needs we provide high performance products with various grades of: Tensile stretch, Maximum stress, Temperature and Impact Resistance, Warping of Material, Flexibility and Stability (please contact us for detailed information)