Clever Planting Saves Resources & Money

The Treenurt is a water and nutrient storage module which significantly reduces the failure rate of young trees and vulnerable plants, whilst radically minimising maintenance costs, such as watering frequency and volume as well as the resources needed for these activities.

Moreover, long-term tests at the renowned University of Bremen in Germany clearly demonstrate young trees equipped with Treenurts to develop improved foliage and wood performance as well as increased leaf count, even after more than three weeks without additional watering.

The base material for our Treenurt is a sustainable, completely biodegradable and combustible material with a 100% regenerative resource proportion. The polymer matrix consists of lignin, the second most common, naturally occurring biopolymer after cellulose. Lignin can be decomposed by rotting in exactly the same way as grown wood and can even be disposed of by burning, without producing any additional CO2!

The granulate inside the Treenurt is able to absorb several times its own volume in water and acts as a water reserve for root growth providing water retention and humification. It also provides the soil with organic soil additives and ensures natural and rapid humification of the simplest of soils. Due to the unique storage capacity, Treenurt is able to save water over longer periods of time. This reduces costs considerably – especially in commercial use.

Another advantage of the system is the controlled water and nutrient delivery, which reduces the stress status of the plants and helps them to grow faster and more healthy.


Completely biodegradable plant module made from Arboform©

Equipped with a water-storing granulate

Root and installer friendly design

100% regenerative materials, slowly bio-degrades after 5 – 7 years

Can absorb up to 20 times its own volume in water, and acts as a water reserve (up to 10L) for root growth

Artificial watering of trees reduced by 50% (up to 800L per tree annually).

Currently testing in Australian key regions

Typical applications

Gardening, roof greening, tree and plant cultivation.

Public areas



Greening of arid regions


Increases water storage capacity

100% bio-based system (incl. granulate)

Pre-loaded with nutrients and trace elements

Starter quality: optimal growing conditions

Cost reduction due to savings in personnel, time & resources

Accelerated growth- No stress state through the constant provision of water

Can be individually adapted to the plant and soil conditions