The Top Performer

Arbofill® are versatile high-quality compounds, combining renewable raw materials and plastics to conserve finite resources. The results are aesthetic materials with interesting applications which are highly suitable for injection molding processes. The material is not biodegradable, but similar in its mechanical properties to impact-resistant plastics, such as ABS.

Furthermore, it cannot be differentiated from a conventional crude oil-based plastic in terms of its appearance and can be supplied in all conventional colours. Depending on the product requirements of the application, the material properties can be individually adapted.

Molded parts can be completely decomposed into water, humus and CO2 by natural microorganisms such as fungi and bacteria, after their useful life is over. By using this material, CO² emissions can be massively reduced in comparison to conventional plastics..

The material can be dyed any colour by adding environmentally friendly additives. Semi-finished sheets can be laminated with decorative films and formed products can be painted individually.

Properties overview

Made from up to 80% renewable raw materials

Natural look with visible natural fibres

Moderate to high impact strength

Moderate to high thermal resistance

Food-compatible types

Dishwasher safe

Fibre look in spruce, beech or coconut

Typical applcations

Household items

Office supplies


Clothes hangers

Technical profiles



Injection moulding

Profile extrusion

Blow moulding