The Naturalist

Arboform® is ‘Liquid Wood’ and brings together the most powerful material assets of two of the most used materials on the planet. It combines the precision, flexibility and durability of plastic with the 100% recycleable, renewable, tactile and aesthetic advantages of wood in a single material.

Arboform® is made from 100% renewable raw materials and is biodegradable and combustible. This material contains lignin, which is second only to cellulose as the most abundant natural polymer. The total naturally occurring production of lignin is estimated to be around 20 billion tonnes a year. This ensures a virtually endless supply of lignin as a resource and without influencing the farming of food. Lignin is a by-product of the pulp industry and can even be extracted from tree bark, sawdust or straw.

Mixing lignin with natural fibres (flax, hemp or other fibre plants) and natural additives produces a fibrous composite, that can then be extruded into sheets and processed at raised temperatures and pressure for all intents and purposes.

It can be decomposed by rotting, in exactly the same way as grown wood and can even be disposed of by burning without producing any additional CO2.

The materials are weatherproof and UV-resistant. With the addition of additives, it is possible to guarantee the flame proofing of the material used.

Properties overview

Made from 100% renewable raw materials


Root wood or natural fibre look

High rigidity

Low shrinkage

Excellent acoustic properties

Moderate thermal resistance

Characteristic natural odour or odourless


Typical applcations


Office supplies

Household items


Flexible cards


Sport equipment

Plant pots

Laboratory supplies

Semi-finished products / profiles



Injection moulding

Film extrusion

Profile and sheet extrusion